Altınsoy Marble is established after decades of experience in marble mining in the
leadership of Ahmet Altınsoy

The Company has since grown to become a highly experienced and reliable supplier and installer of marble products.Wat the company assures clients that they will receive the best standarts of product and service.

The Company gathers different kinds and variations of stone blocks from several regions of Turkey and processes them with its experiencd and specialized staff.

The Company has a total of 25000 m² area with 5000 m² closed and 20000 m²open air. Our production facility located in Afyonkarahisar, has 80000 m² slab and 120000 m² dimensional marble production capacity.
Some of our products are: Mugla White, Kutahya Black, Taymandos Beige.

The Key factors of our success in the market are, our competitive pricing, exact timing and the wide range of products that we can supply on demand.



Altinsoy Marble Mining Industry Trade Co. Ltd.
Afyonkarahisar / TURKEY
+90 0272 221 12 29